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About Cloudence

We help our customers to calibrate their true calling, by finding their cadence in the cloud. We are a motivated team of digital transformation mavericks who believe that every organisation can realise it's competitive advantages by adopting a digital architecture that has leaner processes,  resulting in faster outcomes and ensuring significant savings in cost.


We ensure that your Cloud migration journey is meticulously planned, clinically executed and is aligned with your business goals.

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We are a team of high energy technocrats committed to deliver simple, effective, and timely solutions that enable businesses to succeed in delivering software with High quality. 

Why Choose Us ?

Enterprises are born to innovate and focus on innovating by delivering high quality software faster with less cost.


We offer DevOps Enterprise Transformation Consulting services to assist organizations to achieve higher level of DevOps maturity.


Whether you’re starting a migration journey or scaling cloud across teams and services, we help you maximise ongoing value while minimising risk and cost.


We have in-depth expertise in the areas of Agile, DevOps, Cloud computing and Organization transformation consulting are great differentiators for engaging with our customers in this transformation journey.


From project-specific support to managed services, we help you accelerate time to market, maximise cost savings and realise your growth ambitions.

Cloudence Team

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Mahesh Nagaraj

VP Digital Transformation

Mahesh Nagaraj holds an Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal. He believes that digital could bridge several social and economic gaps and help usher in social equality. 

He has worked on projects that include digital wallets and has even set up his own online marketplace. If he is not spotted fermenting soybeans, you'll probably find him watching the  Ice Age Series, one of his favorite movies.

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